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Federation Starfleet

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Federation Starfleet : Everything Star Trek
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FedStarfleet is a community for all things Star Trek. We're organized, we're friendly, and we not only encourage fic, art and media. We also encourage discussion! Whether you're new to Star Trek and want to ask a question, or a garden-variety Trekkie looking for people to talk your favorite show (and movies) with, this is the place to do it.


There's three mods casey_of_oz, who you can ask anything about the community, it's rules and regulations, and posting guidelines. You can ask her some Trek questions, but the person to really ask would be clownfrogg, who is the resident human encyclopedia on Star Trek (as well as Star Wars and comics, if anyone wants to know). He's a genius, so ask away and be sure to give credit where it's due. And last but not least is thechameleonnn, who is the man that keeps the place glued together. He's also one of our big artists around here, so if you want to talk art with someone? Try him.